Thursday, July 28, 2011

X-Men: First Class...months later.

Can we talk about how rad X-men First Class was? Yes, I am talking about this like 2 months later. Don’t hate! I was super pumped to see this movie when it came out…and shame on me-I didn’t see it until week 2 of its release.

The HOTTIES: James McAvoy (Professor Xavier) and Michael Fassbender (aka, way mega sezzy Magneto) join forces to save the world from destruction from Magneto’s life-long enemy, and his boo-blonde hottie, Emma Frost (what a killer name for her).

Favorite parts: I am a big fan of the developing installment in a big movie franchise-LOTR , the Fellowship, X-men 1, Batman Begins, original Tim Burton Batman, Ironman, Spiderman... I like to know the origins of all the characters and what not. How did they get to where they are now? The writing for this show was great. Sure, they took some liberties from the original comics-but what are you gonna do? Nothing. It was still so dang awesome the way the pulled everything together…especially Mystique’s relationship with both the lead hotties. But who can blame a blue girl? Not I. Professor X is the darling blue-eyed J McAvoy who is a totally cutie pie and a half, and THEN you got hottie-mac-hotpants Magneto (who would never turn into Sir Ian McKellen, people. But let’s all pretend shall we?!) Also, I really adored the back story to Beast’s evolution-very unique, and unlike the actual comics.

There was also a classic cameo from a certain love of my junior high school-life…But I won’t name names, as to not give too much away. 

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