Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Rock Replies to Cena's Incendiary House Show Promo from Australia

So, if you haven't heard about or even seen the video of the promo John Cena cut at the house show in Australia running down The Rock, well, yeah, he cut a promo on The Rock at a house show in Australia. Apparently, Rock caught wind of it, and he was pissed. Here's his reply:

To me, all of this plays out as some high-budget e-fed match where one guy promos and the other guy replies. I mean, if you listen to Rocky's promo, he even has pertinent footage of Cena's rant spliced in. It's amazing. Any way, I thought Rocky's delivery here was spot on, but I thought he also came off as puerile and glib in some spots. It was mostly good though. Then again, I like most Rock promos.

The big news though is that he's returning in the fall, or at least he wants to. Maybe he wrestles at Survivor Series? Maybe he just comes back and cuts more promos? Maybe he just throws Rock Bottoms around? Who knows. But when he comes back, it'll be good.

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