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Mark Madden Misses the Point

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Oooh look, mommy! FJM material! AND IT'S WRESTLING RELATED TOO! Mark Madden comes with the unbridled negativity towards CM Punk's return last night. I shall skewer him here. Why? BECAUSE I CAN BITCHES.

When Brian Pillman did his worked shoot in 1996, it lasted MONTHS. Pillman bounced from WCW to ECW to WWE, legitimately double-crossing WCW. Eric Bischoff had fired Pillman assuming he’d come back. He didn’t.

When Brian Pillman did his worked shoot in 1996, there were two major wrestling companies and a cutting-edge indie that hadn't become a national force by itself yet. It's 2011. WWE is the only game in town. Impact is a wannabe promotion and ROH isn't even close to Impact yet.

But by all means, continue.

C.M. Punk left WWE for two weeks.

So, what was the point?

To get Vince McMahon fired and to get himself more leverage on his contract situation. Oh, and because he can. Try to keep up.

Oh, Punk and Cena had a cute staredown at the end of Raw. But Punk has clearly been reestablished as just another WWE guy.

Because everyone in WWE has their own Spinner Belt that they won because they beat John Cena clean in a PPV main event.

The absence of Punk’s title didn’t make WWE sweat, not even for two weeks. They just crowned another champ, then passed the belt right back to John Cena. Now Punk and Cena have a UFC-style real champ vs. interim champ unification match at SummerSlam. Cena wins, then heads for WrestleMania and The Rock.

Hey guys, who leaked Mark Madden the script?

I'd also say that the fact that VINCE MCMAHON WAS FIRED THE WEEK BEFORE AS A DIRECT RESULT OF CM PUNK WINNING AT MONEY IN THE BANK was WWE sweating. But hey, what do I know, I never worked for a failing wrestling company in the broadcast booth!

Punk? Maybe he turns babyface and becomes the new Steve Austin, the anti-authoritarian.

Because that's such a bad thing.

Or maybe he drops back down to the mid-card.

Yeah, because a guy who gets the WWE this much media attention is going to drop like a stone. At least wait until the MitB buyrates come in before you start peddling such doom 'n gloom.

But how does Punk remain anti-authoritarian? Vince McMahon is gone, and the doofus son-in-law fixed a lot of the crap Punk bitched about.

Uh, there was that whole thing where they both insinuated that they slept with each other's significant others. Oh, and Punk could remain anti-authoritarian by just rejecting what Trips has "fixed". Or you could grow an imagination or wait and see what's next.

I hope Punk came back for the money, because I’m praying he wasn’t stupid enough to fall for the promises.

Q: What will you do if wwe misuses you like they did with guys like shannon moore [sic] and so on?

A: I'll go out and purchase a hummer and buy a nice house, just like he did.

But I have my fears.

OH NOES! CM Punk is going to make gobs of money to not be featured the way I, Mark Madden, Internet slob, want him to be featured! I AM OUTRAGED!!

Smarter people than Punk have been set up, blinded to some degree by their own brilliance (and BS).

This doesn't even fucking make any sense.

If Raw’s rating drops, who gets blamed? Not Triple H. Original plans called for Trips to pedigree Punk. Why? Because Triple H is a REAL star. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

RAW's rating was 2.9 the week before Money in the Bank. It was 3.2 the night after. Sounds like an increase. I'll be shocked if it's not increased or at the same level again at least, despite the fact that Punk wasn't even advertised for the show.

Also, lol @ looking at ratings as a success point in 2011.

Nobody ever wants to let an angle marinate. Just hot-shot for TV. Hot-shot for the pay-per-view.

I'd say that the fact that the angle on the whole has been going on for a month now makes me believe that they've set up for SummerSlam nicely.

Punk should have been gone for MONTHS.

Because that's how you capitalize on a guy being made into a star in a month's time. YOU LEAVE HIM OFF THE SHOW FOR MONTHS AFTERWARDS! Then, when he comes back, he'll certainly get the same pops as the guys who were left to carry on in his place, especially Triple H, a guy he decried as being the egomaniac a paragraph prior.

The title should have been gone for MONTHS. The belt would have gained credibility by its absence. Instead, it’s just another prop.

I'm sorry, but how is not being defended, or worse, being replaced by a paper Championship in the interim, going to give the title credibility? If anything, it would have submarined the guy holding the belt in the interim because he wouldn't have beaten the guy who waltzed out of the company with it.

Memo to bookers: You BUILD ratings. You don't SEIZE ratings.

Memo to Mark Madden: You were never part of any successful wrestling company. People in WWE right now have been.

Fire Vince? The WWE board should have fired EVERYBODY.

I wonder if Mark Madden and Darren Rovell are BFFs.

P.S. – Gee, I really enjoy the new comments section on these columns.

Maybe you shouldn't write utter tripe then.

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