Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If Punk Loses, What Is Acceptable?

Cena could beat Punk clean... will it be greeted with open minds?
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There's a distinct possibility that CM Punk is going to beat John Cena Sunday. Whether he sticks around after, takes the title with him or gets cashed-in on after he wins the title by one (or more) Money in the Bank winner(s). The beauty of the main event is that it could virtually go in any direction. The possibilities are endless.

But with "endless" come the possibilities that Cena actually wins his match. Yes, it would defy logic at this point, given the amount of pomp and build that Punk has received. IT wouldn't make sense to job him out, but WWE Creative has proven they don't make sense from time to time. Is Cena going over Punk out of the realm of possibility? Well no, it's not. But is that a problem? Well, it depends on the way he loses.

I think we can all agree that SUPERCENA rearing his ugly head and dispatching CM Punk to his couch in Chicago would be the worst possible outcome and one that would make everyone collectively lose their shit, right? Well yeah, but how do we know what's SUPERCENA and what's just Cena making a comeback? Can Cena win clean without getting backlash, or at the very least, deserving backlash? I'm not sure about that, at least for the first part.

I mean, if Punk loses clean, we're on the precipice of an Internet meltdown over here. It's not that there are degrees of losing clean in some people's minds. Losing clean is a burial if it's a darling losing to someone monolithic. Always. It's one of the things I hate about the way people react sometimes. There's no perspective, no foresight. However, this time might be different because CM Punk could be leaving, and he's been blisteringly hot lately. I think I'd be pissed off if Cena just blows through Punk like he's a typical Cena PPV opponent.

I don't know. There's so much uncertainty going into Sunday, but I think that disappointment could be on the horizon. I hope not, because I want them to hit a home run here, but at the same time, the WWE hasn't exactly earned our trust in regards to a truly happy ending for anyone other than Cena and lately Randy Orton. That all being said, I have this perversely optimistic feeling that if Punk goes down, he's going down with a fight or even better, to someone other than Cena.

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