Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finlay's In Battle of Los Angeles This Year, Guys

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PWG has announced the eight names to compete in this year's Battle of Los Angeles tournament, held in Reseda August 20th (is it just me, or are they having BOLA earlier and earlier in the year every year now?) The competitors are Willie Mack, World Champion Kevin Steen, former Champ Claudio Castagnoli, Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards, Chris Hero, El Generico and... wait for it...


They fucking got Finlay for BOLA this year, and they've paired him off with Steen in the first round. It's at this point that I submit to PWG to stop being so awesome because they're all the way on the West Coast and I got a kid coming and I can't in good conscience plan a West Coast road trip to Reseda when I gotta feed a baby GAWD. I'll say it before and I'll say it again; I expect no one to feel sorry for my jealousy because I live in Philly, the mecca of indie wrestling in America. However, that'll never stop me from being out and out jealous that SoCal has one of the two best indies in America and that I can't go to experience it live without great personal cost.

*Awaits backlash from people who note I'll be going to both shows this weekend for the other best indie fed in America*

But yeah, Finlay vs. Steen is obviously Match of the Year candidate bait, but some of those other first round matchups are good looking too. Chris Hero vs. Willie Mack is something that a lot of people have been looking forward to. Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong is a match we've seen in ROH, but that doesn't mean it won't be really good in PWG too. Claudio and Generico is tried-and-true proven goodness. So yeah, it's no stretch to say that if you live in SoCal, like wrestling and don't go to this, you're a terrible person and deserve to be dragged around East Los Angeles by your pinkie toes.

Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein - Please visit his site to view the plentiful amounts of pictures he's taken for DGUSA, ROH and other indie feds: Get Lost Photography

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