Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vickie Guerrero Is the Hottest Woman in WWE

Screen Grab Credit: WWE.com
Okay, so maybe the title is hyperbole, especially since Layla still is under contract despite being out with injury, and Maryse still appears on TV. That being said, I'm not sure how realistic their body types are. Sure, they're not as bad as Kelly Kelly, who sometimes looks like they slapped implants on a beanpole, but at the same time, they're hot but they're hot in the way Kate Upton is hot, in a way that almost doesn't seem real or attainable to the average person.

Then there's Vickie Guerrero.

When she came out seconding Dolph Ziggler last night, I was stunned by how goddamn attractive she looked (from the neck down of course). It's an every week occurrence, magnified especially since Vince McMahon feels it necessary to tell Jerry Lawler he has to say she's a fat cow. The opposite is the case, but that's never stopped WWE from toeing a party line that the unattainable is the only thing acceptable.

The fact that a 40+ year old woman was able to shed all that weight, work out and have one of the tightest bodies in the company astounds me, and I'm not alone. I'd say that she should be a good guy success story, but she's way, way, WAY too good at making people boo her. So yeah, it's cool either way. At the same time though, I think she needs to be celebrated for becoming a cougar and doing it in a way where she's real at the same time. Her look is not unattainable, and it doesn't feel like it is either. I think that's what heightens her appeal to me.

So yeah, I don't think I'm too far off when I say she's one of the hottest women in WWE right now. She definitely has the most realistic body type out of all the women there. And for a widowed mother of two over the age of 40 who makes her living at getting people not to like her, that's a damn impressive accomplishment.

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