Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wrestling Six Packs: Wrestlers I Want to See Win the 12 Large Summit

Jigsaw is TH-approved to win the 12 Large Summit
Photo Credit: Random Chikara Fan
The 12 Large Summit, the FIRST 12-person round-robin wrestling tournament being held this year with the purpose of crowning Chikara's first ever Campeone del Mundo, is in full swing. As with most things Chikara, I'm following this with baited breath. I also have an opinion on whom I want to see win. Of course, making this the subject of a six pack might seem a bit silly since I'd be naming half the participants in the tourney. Also, I'd be happy with anyone winning the tournament who's entered. Except Vin Gerard, because he's stinky and mean looking. But anyway yeah, I guess you could call this a power ranking of the people I want to see win. It's in order, unlike some other six packs. So without further ado...

1. Jigsaw

Jigsaw's my top pick that I want to see win. Why? Well, I feel like he's one of the best workers that Chikara has to offer, one of its most indelible characters, a guy who's become an ambassador for the fed. Maybe it's because I own his mask. Maybe it's because he reposted my Chikara year end review on his Facebook fan page. Maybe it's because he was such a cool dude towards me during King of Trios weekend. Maybe it's all of the above plus the fact that the guy doesn't have bad matches. But I feel like for whatever reason, he'd be the perfect first representative.

2. Sara del Rey

I'm a paradoxical wrestling fan. I like old school stuff, but I also love when feds push the envelope. Chikara having a female winning a title among men would be progressive as fuck, and the "onward and upward"-type fan in me would love to see that. Plus, I have an unabashed crush on SDR. Call me a hopeless romantic, I guess.

3. UltraMantis Black

Mantis is arguably my favorite wrestler in the field, so why is he only three on my list? Well, the thing is I'm not sure the belt is right for Mantis. He's not a guy who needs to be Campeone de Parejas or King of Trios Champion or Cibernetico winner to be worthy of my eternal adoration. Despite being one of Chikara's longest-reigning roster members and most regularly appearing ones, he feels very much like a special attraction. Still, I'd be losing my shit with everyone else if he were the one who ended up holding the title at the end.

4. Icarus

For the lulz, obviously. Can you imagine the epic storm of shit talking emanating from the Winged Warrior if he won? It would be so troll-tastic, especially if he retweeted all the hate messages he got. Plus, his matches would become like a million times more entertaining with the swagger he'd exhibit. Christ, now I almost want Icarus to shoot up to #1 on the list because of the comedic potential.

5. Ophidian

I've always been a huge Portal fan, but I think I have Ophidian here because I'd love to see him win for Amasis. For those who don't know, he took the Funky Pharaoh's spot when he was (unbeknownst to everyone else at the time) permanently shelved. It would be pretty awesome to see him take the title home for his fallen brother.

6. Eddie Kingston

Okay, now we've come to the guy who is probably the hands-down favorite to win. I admit, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing the War King win the title. I mean, he's earned it. He's been the anchor to the biggest storyline of the last two-plus years. When he hasn't been fighting Claudio Castagnoli or the BDK, he's been representing Chikara against the various guest stars they've had come in, from Austin Aries to Colt Cabana and everyone else whom he wrestled in between. It might be predictable, but who said predictable was bad in and of itself?

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