Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes it just takes us a little bit to find our niche.

please consider this timeline of photographs




Who would have thunk the frosted tip, stripped ribbed Tommy Hillfiger clad Athletic short wearing, Nike Royal Penny's (with navy?) and chocker chain kid from N' Sync would cover GQ's most stylish men in America issue. It just shows you that everyone transforms their style but eventually everyone finds where they belong. Eg. 7 years ago I wanted a grill, wore 2XL tall tees, very large jeans and could barely see due to the fact that my cap usually rested on my eyebrows. I think I've found my "next little while" style, I think and hope cause it's expensive changing styles up on a regular. Timberlake has forged a solid reputation as a very well dressed fella and his transformation, as is evident above, is commendable and inspiring.

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