Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Deja Vu Booking: One of WWE's BIGGEST Weaknesses

The first of two handicap matches... ugh
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Monday on RAW, the first match of the evening was a handicap match, John Cena against the Tag Team Champions, Michael McGillcutty and David Otunga. Okay, all well and good, a handicap match against the henchmen of his rival for Money in the Bank. Yeah, seeing the Champ go all SUPERCENA on the Tag Champs was irritating, but hey, that was last we'd see of those kinds of shenanigans tonight, right?

Yeah, then Big Show came out and wrestled Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. Yeah. I have to wonder if these script writers even realize that they're doing what they're doing. If it were the first time something like this happened, I'd be more than willing to give them a temporary pass, but it happens so much in WWE, whether on a single show with a booking device or with a storyline on either brand. I mean just a couple of weeks ago, they finished two matches via castigo excesivo, aka, disqualification via the five count. It's just lazy.

Honestly, it's embarrassing. Even on strong shows, they can't escape these kinds of repetitive mistakes, and this lends more credence to a rushed atmosphere than any dirtsheet snippet or Cageside Seats expose ever could. I mean, where's the care? Where's the nuance? Where's the oversight? Corporately, WWE professes to be entertainment, and their competition to be scripted TV. Well, if scripted TV shows trotted out lazy scripts like WWE does, they'd get lambasted by critics and have fans turn out.

The WWE needs to start practicing what it preaches, and maybe the head producers/executives like Vince McMahon should ease up on the writers if this is the case. OR maybe the writers should get better. I don't know. But when you get gaffes such as these, it really makes for groan-inducing watching.

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