Saturday, July 23, 2011

Injury Report: Kane, Richards

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Two injuries of note in two different companies. First up, Kane "suffered" a fractured fibula last night on Smackdown. I haven't seen the show yet, but apparently, posted a note about Mark Henry splitting Kane's wig breaking the Big Red Machine's fibula, sending him out for three months. So with all that being said, it looks like a kayfabe injury. With that in mind and Daniel Bryan's spot in one of the three-four biggest matches at WrestleMania next year announced, maybe they are looking to build up new stars. Bless my stars and call me Betsy!

In PWG news, Davey Richards landed in the hospital for a very much legitimate and scary staph infection, announced via the PWG Facebook page. Obviously, his spot in tonight's main event three-way against the Kings of Wrestling for EIGHT will be vacated. Not sure if they'll run with a straight up rematch between PWG Champ Claudio Castagnoli and his tag partner Chris Hero, or whether they'll insert another challenger in the fray, but folks, this is PWG we're talking about. They'll deliver. In fact, I feel bad for not posting a preview column for tonight's anniversary show, but perhaps I'll watch one of my PWG DVDs in the coming week.

I know it's kinda weak to post a kayfabe injury along with a real one, but hey, they're both huge deals for different reasons.

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