Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looking Forward to the English Johnnies in Chikara This Month? Thank Chris Hero

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Looking forward to Saint? Thank Chris Hero!
If you don't listen to Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast, then good God man, what the hell is wrong with you? Anyway, if you're one of those forlorn souls who isn't in on the goodness, this week's guest was Chris Hero. Even if you're against podcasters, listen to this for the stories. One of the stories has everything to do with Johnny Saint and by proxy, Johnny Kidd, showing up to Chikara this month at the duo of Chikarasaurus Rex shows.

As it turns out, Saint was a bit of a recluse after his final "retirement" match in 2000. He didn't go to reunions, conventions, cards or anything. He just went about his life, looking after his parents, enjoying retirement. Little did he know that his work was being viewed and viewed again and viewed multiple times by the guys on the independent wrestling scene in America. Apparently, the English style of chain wrestling had become HUGE among guys like UltraMantis Black, Mike Quackenbush, Cabana and Hero among others. The last of those guys wondered aloud why Saint wasn't really around, and he pretty much tracked the English icon down. I won't go into how Hero did it - listen to the fuckin' podcast, you n00b - but he did, and in 2006, Saint made his return to the ring.

If Saint doesn't return to the ring because of Hero inspiring him, do we get him joining Quack and Jorge "Skayde" Rivera in the Masters of 1000 Holds team at King of Trios 2009? Do we get him and Quack hitting it off at that event to the point where Saint is coming back in at C-Rex and bringing Johnny Kidd with him? It could be possible, but at the same time, it seems highly unlikely to me. Because Chris Hero took mad initiative, we get cool-ass English chain wrestling and two catch-as-catch-can legends coming over to blow our minds for two nights in Southeast PA. I don't know about you, but that's a big deal.

So if you didn't think Hero was awesome enough already for his wrestling character and verily the millions of feds he is participating or has participated in in his 10+ year career, this is another reason why he's a pretty cool dude.

Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein - Please visit his site to view the plentiful amounts of pictures he's taken for DGUSA, ROH and other indie feds: Get Lost Photography

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