Friday, July 1, 2011

Chikara Presents The Flex Express

Via Chikara's site

Just when you thought Chikara couldn't get any more awesome... well, backstory first. At the Fan Conclave this year for King of Trios, there was an open challenge to body slam Tursas, the 300+ lb. behemoth from the BDK. Several tried, fans, Chikara natives, even the curmudgeonly old-timer Matt Classic teased trying. None were able to succeed until Green Ant, the resilient rookie from the Colony, came out, dazed the big man with his "illegal" steel plate in his forearm, a repair measure from breaking it, and then got him off his feet. He looked like he would succeed until devious BDK ring announcer and "wrestler" Jakob Hammermeir chop blocked him, causing Tursas to squish the poor ant. Of course, later on that night, the BDK team of Hammermeir, Tim Donst and Delirious was eliminated from the KoT tournament by the Colony after Green Ant finished the job and slammed Tursas.

Afterwards, Green Ant stumped to get Tursas in a singles match, and he has one signed for Night One of Chikarasaurus Rex weekend. He's getting on the Flex Express, touring the United States, looking for support from the good ol' US of A for his quest to vanquish the Finnish monster with a righteous fake beard.

If this sounds an awful lot like the Lex Express angle the WWF did back in 1993, then good for you, you have a great memory. That's exactly why this is awesome. It's a great, tongue-in-cheek tribute to the old angle, using a real-life injury to help tell an awesome story. It also helps that the guy in the Lex Luger role, Green Ant, probably has as much muscle mass in his whole body that Luger maybe had in his right pectoral muscle in 1993. That's what makes this great though, it's lulz-inducing on one hand, but Greenie is one of the most endearing wrestlers on the roster. He's also become one of my favorite workers in the entire fed. His chain-wrestling exhibitions with Mike Quackenbush are among the best experience-contrast opening matches you'll see in any promotion on the planet right now. He has a great handle on tag wrestling, and I like his offensive game as well, especially his cloverleaf.

My only complaint is that this match won't happen on Night Two, when I'll actually be in attendance. Still, you know I'll be there in Reading in spirit. And hopefully, Green Ant gets a better fate in his match than Luger did in his fated SummerSlam '93 tilt against Yokozuna.

Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein - Please visit his site to view the plentiful amounts of pictures he's taken for DGUSA, ROH and other indie feds: Get Lost Photography

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