Friday, July 8, 2011

Follow Friday: Future Endeavors Crew!

This week's Follow Friday goes out to the Future Endeavors crew. This troupe of live podcasters - Don Owens, Corey Santiago and the former Fat Man After Dark, Nick Gator - broadcast every Sunday night. It's a highly-regarded, engaging and usually raucous. You can find them on Twitter via their respective handles - @DXDONMEGA @CoreySantiago @nacgator.

Outside of the FE show, their reach on the Web is pretty good. They host the Power Poll each week, taking over for Jason Mann when he couldn't keep up with it anymore. Speaking of Mann, Owens can be found each month discussing the latest WWE PPV on Wrestlespective Radio. Also, Nick has his own podcast where he discusses things other than wrestling. Check these guys out on Twitter for all the things they have to say as well as to keep abreast with their media production.

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