Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our First Look at Dean Ambrose

Jon Moxley signed a deal with WWE earlier this year, and as with nearly everyone not named Mistico, he has to get seasoning in FCW. Here's his debut promo, in which he calls out Seth Rollins. Two years ago, Jon Moxley vs. Tyler Black would have been an indie dream match. Today, it could very well be the next step in programming for a select group of fans in Tampa. Then again, if I lived in Tampa, I'd be disappointed, because I hate Black/Rollins. But that's just me. Moxley, or Dean Ambrose as he's now known, is just fine with me. Check this out and try not to get goosebumps.

PS, Norman Smiley's the FCW General Manager? What, was Alex Wright busy?

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