Monday, July 11, 2011

Young Bucks and Orlando Jordan Gone from Impact

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Peace out, Bucks. Hope you guys didn't make a premature decision.

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The Young Bucks/Generation Me are gone from Impact Wrestling, one night after the landmark Destination X event where their X-Division brethren had the night to shine. The two were not happy in Impact for awhile, per their Twitter pages, and last night was their "put someone over on the way out" moment, as they lost to Eric Young and Shark Boy. This is somewhat of a bummer in one way as if the critical reaction to last night's event indicates a number of buys and thus a change in direction, well, the Bucks could be jumping ship at the wrong time. That being said, this is the former TNA we're talking about here, and it'll take more than one event for me to be sold on them changing their stripes. Plus, this means they can go back to ROH or do DGUSA if they so choose (but not both). So yeah, I guess this is somewhat neutral news? I dunno.

Oh yeah, Orlando Jordan got axed too. I hate seeing someone lose their job in this economy, but at the same time, he did absolutely jack shit for me as a character or a worker in his time there, so I'm not terribly broken up about this.

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