Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Best Moves Ever: Cutthroat Driver

Fun fact about Mark Briscoe. According to his brother Jay on Twitter, his weight can vary between 205 and 220 lbs. each day. I was curious and I had to find out the reason:

I haven't gotten an answer yet, but knowing the Briscoes? That's probably it. Anyway, this is the Best Moves Ever, not the Best Trolls of an Indie Tag Team Ever, and there was a point to that anecdote. It wasn't a good one, but hey, I hope you guys got a laugh out of it. Anyway, Mark Briscoe is also known for his version of the Burning Hammer, only with some cutthroat action going on. It's, obviously enough, known as the Cutthroat Driver. Take a look.

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