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Your Midweek Links: I'm the Only One Who Liked RAW Apparently

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It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week.


- Episode 9 of The Wrestling Podcast! Razor and I talk about CM Punk, why he hates Randy Orton and what a better wrestling journalism actually means. [Wrestle-phenia]

- My Camel Clutch Blog piece from last week is all about diffusing the trolls who say I'm biased against Impact. Well, I kinda am biased against it, but because I'm biased against shitty, shitty wrestling. [I Want (Good) Wrestling]

- And my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW CCB Column discusses John Cena and why he should stop being such a damn smartass, dammit. [Hustle, Loyalty and Respect, not Cheap Rocky Imitations, Please, John Cena]

- I give the FJM treatment to a dumb letter writer to the Philadelphia Daily News on my Tumblr Page [AMURKA! (FJMing a Letter to a Newspaper)]

Wrestling Links:

- Justin Henry on CM Punk making pro wrestling fun again. [Wrestling News Source]

- Honestly, how many among the wrestling blogosphere need to stand up and say the fat-shaming of Vickie Guerrero is wrong before WWE does something about it? My guess is it'll never be enough... [Camel Clutch Blog]

- Flashing back to Hardcore Heaven '99 and the Dudley Boyz raising hell. [South Atlanta Wrestling]

- Mitch's RAW Review, in handy Woo!/Boo! format [Fair to Flair]

- B-Stroud's Best and Worst of RAW... with those last two takes on RAW, am I the only person in the world who COMPLETELY enjoyed Monday's show? [With Leather]

- Bill Baconhill's new blog! [The Goozle]

- Trey Irby doesn't wanna hear the words "slut, whore" or the like again. He should probably not watch Impact then. [Wrestling Theory]

- KSP encouraging you to follow @BobbyHeenandSaid on Twitter. You should too. I don't feel like I need to explain this. [Footnotes of Wrestling]

- A Dirty Dirty interview with Kikutaro, the consensus best comedic wrestler around in Japan right now [Dirty Dirty Sheets]

- Just because, the Kenny Omega-Is-The-Champion-of-the-Anywhere-Match video again [PizzaBodySlam Tumblr]

- Chyna will do a YouShoot. Thankfully for us, that's not a pornographic thing. [Diva Dirt]

- S. Bruce takes time off from digging up dirt about the major companies to tell us why shoot angles don't always work. [Cageside Seats]

- Listen to this, and if you don't bust your gut laughing then, I don't know what to tell you. [Kick-Out!! Blog]

- Kelly Kelly doesn't deserve to be called a slut, but for crying out loud, fire away at her for not knowing the history of the fucking company she works for. Also, the same applies to Kofi Kingston, although I don't think he was ever called a slut. [Wrestlespective]

Jamie Dobson Interviews:

No new interviews posted this week

Non-Wrestling Links:

- I get name-dropped on the House of PUNTE! But more importantly, Larry Brown and Brandon Stroud are guests and it's the return of SHAKEY! [House of PUNTE, Episode 81]

- Nerdy pick-up lines! [Topless Robot]

- GAY BACON STRIPS [Epic Meal Time]

- 8 lines that would have made Star Wars an infinitely more boring movie [Dorkly]

- First Tupac's murderer comes clean, now someone confesses to being an accessory to Biggie's murder? I'd make a joke about Big Pun and a cheeseburger, but I don't need the hip hop community coming after me. [The Smoking Section]

- Clever girl. [Buzz Feed]

- Alexander Ovechkin Geography FAIL [Up Next in Sports]

- They Might Be Giants covering Chumbawumba? They Might Be Giants covering Chumbawumba. [AV Club]

- Seven bits of good news that defy the old journalistic maxim of "if it bleeds, it leads" (and therefore you probably don't know about them) [Cracked]

- Ewan MacGregor and Chris O'Dowd playing lightsaber baseball. Yep. [Jezebel]

- I want this shirt [The Daily What]

- Becky Conner be trollin' Rex Ryan HARDCORE [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

- Oh man, I wanna go to Meatland. [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]

- Book covers made from video games... kinda cool, kinda creepy [Unreality Mag]

- The most anticipated films of 2013. Joke's on them, cuz we'll all be dead! HAHAHA [Pajiba]

- Russia, Ukraine and South Korea don't want Captain America to go America all over their box offices, apparently. [Film Drunk]

- Drew Magary's back from vacation, answering questions about cosplay, bequeathments and other stuff as only he can. [Deadspin]

- Phillies Tazer kid gets Web Redemption on Tosh.0 [The 700 Level]

- Explosions in the Sky make their first music video ever. [Blast-o-Rama]

- The Birmingham dog and the guy who made 'em best. [Grantland]

- NAWWWW, it's a cute puppy! And it has an opinion on the designated hitter! [With Leather]

- Just in case you weren't sick enough of the Casey Anthony trial on Facebook and Twitter yesterday, here are celebrities reacting to it. [Hollywood Reporter]

- Moral of the story? Don't offer $125M as a gag bet. [Crashburn Alley]

- Jon Hamm is a very emotive human being. Just another reason why he's like way better than you or I could possibly ever hope to be. [Uproxx]

- Don't worry about the NBA Lockout [Quickish]

- Turns out I'm not the only one sad to see Mike Richards head to LA [Flyers Goal Scored By]

- Zesty interceptions are the best ones, plus other awesome lists [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- New He-Man movie coming out? Surely, it can't be any worse than the late '80s movie.... wait, don't call you Shirley? Wrong movie. [Gamma Squad]

- Classic Marilyn Monroe picture. In an unrelated note, if I had a time machine, I'd try to go back and woo MM. Of course, I could do a bunch of other good shit, but I'm selfish. Plus, Marilyn was fucking hot, amirite guise? [Skull Swap]

- RIAA going after radio stations now. [The Onion]

- A ginger with a mullet. Your argument... well, you know. [Next Round]

- The Big 10: Three yards, a cloud of dust and now cookies. [Dr. Saturday]

- NHL Free Agency Report Cards [Puck Daddy]

- Peter King's on vacation, so Bill Simmons gets the FJM treatment this week. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

- 10 Disgusting Eating Competitions. Not listed: The Sardinian Maggot Cheese Eat-Off. [Sports Pickle]

- Shane Victorino gets murdered by the Rogers Centre field. This should amuse Mets fans, but then they have to go back facing the reality that they're fans of the Mets after their moment of schadenfreude fleets. [The Fightins]

- The 10 best corgi blogs on the 'Net. TRY TO DENY THEIR CUTENESS. [Warming Glow]

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