Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Suddenly... Zack Ryder!

WWWYKI or lolwut?
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Hey guys, Zack Ryder finally made an appearance on RAW this week. If you blinked though, you may have missed it. AT the end of the Tag Team Championship match, Ryder's music hit, he came out and... well in a minute they had cut to something else. It was great to see Ryder, and even better to hear the crowd pop for his music, but it was surreal just to see him standing there.

Of course, there were two extreme reactions to this, and for a moment I fell into one of them. The camp I was in was that this was the start of a program with the Tag Champs and Ryder is going to team with Chris Masters or Curt Hawkins or EVEN JOHN CENA AND IT'S THE REIGN OF RYDER AND THE TAG DIVISION AND THE KINGS OF WRESTLING AND then my brain broke. The other reaction was one of dismay over his featuring for a moment, that it wasn't any better than him not being on RAW at all or just slapping hands with John Cena or whatever. Us Internets are a pretty reactionary lot, aren't we?

When I calmed down and stopped acting like a child who had crystal meth accidentally laced into his Pixie Stix, I realized that the answer was most likely somewhere in between. His placement in the show was curious, and hey, if you're going to stick Ryder anywhere, it should be against the Tag Champs, right? Unless his Internet Championship is going to become a real thing, which I kinda hope it doesn't. Save it for the house shows and let him put some big boy pants for when he starts working on RAW, whether it's in a Santino comedy role or in a seriously-pushed role. Either one's fine for me.

I just don't know what's funnier though, that WWE thought that sending him out to wave to the audience for a minute was worthy of putting on the main show, or that such a short segment caused that much of a reaction amongst fans. Even though I kinda flipped out when I saw it, I think we need to step back off the ledge with Ryder, at least for now. He's on TV, which is a start, but I think we have to let them start building him up. If it's after Money in the Bank and he's not on the program or just making non-sequitur cameos, then maybe we start complaining about the yo-yo treatment.

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