Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kevin Steen Is Out for Blood

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I don't think you'll like him when he's angry...

Via ROH World and his own website

Looks like WWE isn't the only fed right now looking to blur the lines. Kevin Steen, who was infamously tossed out of Best in the World after turning on his former mentor Steve Corino, has posted an open letter to ROH fans and management concerning his actions. I think it's really well-done and wrought with emotion and passion. Much in the same way as his promo and wrestling style was soaked in blood, this letter seems to have the vitriolic hatred behind it that made Mr. Wrestling a must-watch wrestler in 2010.

Steen focuses his rage on Jim Cornette for forcing him out of the company because he wanted to impress Sinclair and for dumping guys like Adam Pearce, Austin Aries, Necro Butcher, Jimmy Rave and Gabe Sapolsky (which elicited a couple of groan-inducing Tweets asking Steen not to use his name and then pandering for an EVOLVE booking... I like Gabe, but he should have DMed Steen and not used the opportunity to be so cheap). Obviously, he also raged against Corino for "castrating himself" after Steen left the company. He promised to take the whole company down as well, which should make for some entertaining television. Granted, I doubt he'll be able to spew blood, either his own or other guys', if this angle is made a focal point of television once it starts back up, but I don't think Steen needs blood to show his sadistic side.

Either way, this is an interesting turn in the story, and it's something that really has my attention, which I can't say for a lot of other angles in ROH right now.

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