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Future Endeavors 7/2 Power Poll: And That's a Shoot... OR IS IT ZOMG

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Welcome to yet another edition of the Future Endeavors Power Poll, a poll ranking wrestlers on a weekly basis based on how awesomely they performed or were portrayed on a Tuesday-to-Monday cycle. It is voted by a who's-who of wrestling bloggers, including my blogging Bro Vaughn, PizzaBodySlam. I will list the top ten, and then post and comment on my ballot. Here goes:

1. CM Punk (Last Week: 1)
2. Mark Henry (NR)
3. Davey Richards (NR)
4. Randy Orton (2)
5. R-Truth (9)
6. Rey Mysterio (5)
7. Alberto Del Rio (8)
8. John Cena (3)
9. Christian (4)
10. Sin Cara (NR)

And now, my ballot.

1. CM Punk - If you don't know why, you may be brain-damaged.

2. Mark Henry - Someone got they ass whipped Monday (Big Show and Kane) and somebody got they wig split (the cage) at the hands of the World's Strongest Man. Any other week, and I'm voting him #1. MARK HENRY SOLIDARITY FOREVER, BITCHES.

3. Shiima Xion/Zema Ion - What a week for the indie rising star. He won his Impact Destination X tournament match and then on Sunday, cashed in his Todd Pettingil Invitational title shot on Johnny Gargano to become the new AIW Absolute Champion.

4. Davey Richards - For winning the ROH World Championship and having a match that some say you'd have to be soulless not to enjoy.

5. Green Ant - The resilient rookie of the Colony is heating up. I'm pretty sure making Claudio Castagnoli tap out to win the Battle of the Kings of Trios for his squad is a pretty huge deal.

6. Rachel Summerlyn - Gotta give some love to the ACW American Joshi Queen of Queens. Plus, I figure if I didn't rank her, both John Hyperion AND Brandon Stroud might disavow knowing me.

7. Mercedes Martinez - 30 months with the WSU Title? That's impressive.

8. El Generico - OLE! New ROH Television Champion! Very excite! - EG Web Translate

9. Sin Cara - Fireworks on two shows during the voting period.

10. Daniel Bryan - Stock Daniel Bryan ranking.

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