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Know Your Indie Wrestlers: The Colony

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The 2011 King of Trios Champions

Who: The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Green Ant, Worker Ant [former member])
Also Known As: Energetic Insectoid Grappler (Fire), Militant Mat Mite (Soldier), Resilient Rookie (Green)
Heights: 5'7" (Fire), 5'8" (Soldier), 6'2" (Green)
Weights: 166 lbs. (Fire), 162 lbs. (Soldier), 182 lbs. (Green)
Hometown: The Ant Hill

Promotions: Chikara

Affiliations: With each other, of course. They also have loose affiliations with Mike Quackenbush and several other Chikara tecnicos.

Twitter: Green Ant - @GreenAntCHIKARA

Signature Moves:

Ant Hill Splash

Ants Go Marching

Fire Ant - Beach Break

Green Ant - Cloverleaf


2011 King of Trios
Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas (Fire and Soldier)
2008 Chikara Tag World Grand Prix (Fire and Soldier)
Young Lions Cup (Fire)


Before a CdP defense against the BDK

King of Trios '11 promo

Before wrestling the Portal for the CdP

All About The Colony:

Their Matches - Separately, each Ant has his own style. Fire Ant has a lot of highspots and big head dropping moves. He also is part of the stiff-ass indie kicker clique. Soldier Ant gimmicks his moves as militarily as possible. A lot of forearm strikes and headbutts as well. Green Ant is the most "classic" worker out of all of them. When they're together, expect to see a lot of really fun, enthusiastic and vibrant double and triple team moves. Any trios match that they're a part of is going to be a match to remember.

Their Characters - It's unique. Soldier and Fire don't talk a whole lot, choosing to express their characters either by grunting and gesticulating (Fire) or playing up the military salutes and commands (Soldier). When Worker Ant was part of the group, he was their mouthpiece. Green Ant, naturally, replaced him. Green Ant lately has taken on a tongue-in-cheek adoption of the All-American Lex Luger character, going on the Flex Express to take down Tursas.

Why You Should Know Them - They are quite possibly the marquee act in Chikara right now. The BDK storyline over the last two years has been entwined in the Colony as much as any other tecnico presence, even moreso than Quack, UltraMantis Black or Eddie Kingston. The story of King of Trios '10 was more about them getting screwed than it was the BDK ascending. The story of King of Trios '11 though was their redemption.

They're definitely among the most fan favorite teams in the company, so them being the face of the company works. They've got the work and the intensity for the adults and the colorful costumes and vibrant personalities for the kids. They're pretty much a full-service trio. Chikara would do worse than to have a top team than these guys.

Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein - Please visit his site to view the plentiful amounts of pictures he's taken for DGUSA, ROH and other indie feds: Get Lost Photography

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